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Grimm’s offers such a wide variety of meats, cheeses, tortillas, wraps and snacks, the recipe options are endless.

Low Carb, Summer Recipes, Grimm's, Lettuce Wraps, Andouille Sausage

Another low carb option in our #OwnTheGrill series! @HereForTheFoodie brings us these crisp and slightly spicy lettuce wraps featuring our RWA Andouille Sausage.

Happy Birthday Canada!!
We're celebrating with our next #OwnTheGrill creation featuring maple glazed sweet potato, Double Smoked Side Bacon and cheese curds on top of our Sizzlin' Wiener.

Grimm's Bratwurst, Low Carb, Antibiotic free, Canadian Pork, Sausage

#OwnTheGrill continues with MasterChef Canada Finalist Chanelle Saks of @ChezChanelle bringing us this delicious low carb recipe featuring our RWA Bratwurst Sausage. 

Grimm's, Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Own The Grill, Summer BBQ

The delicious recipes keep coming in our #OwnTheGrill series. 

Grimm's, Recipe, Smokie, Gourmet HotDog, Own The Grill, Summer BBQ

The sweetness and creaminess of pineapple and avocado offset the kick of jalapenos in this sweet & spicy gourmet smokie recipe.
The latest recipe in our #OwnTheGrill series.


Grimm's, Tex Mex Burritos, Breakfast Burrito, Meal Prep, Canadian Food Blogger

Our #OwnTheGrill series continues with Winnipeg's own Ashley Hart from @Hereforthefoodie.

Canadian Food Blogger, Banh Mi, Smokies, All Beef, Grimm's

The second recipe in our #OwnTheGrill series is brought to you Saskatoon's Renee Kohlman of Sweetsugarbean.

The first recipe in our #OwnTheGrill series!
This is Belgian Beer and Smoked Gouda Bavarian Smokie is loaded with sour cream, grainy mustard, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, pickled beets and yep! Peirogies!


Pizza, Pizza Roll, Pepperoni, Wrap

These cheesy, gooey, delicious pizza roll ups were created by Winnipeg Blogger Ashley Hart.

Grimm's, Brunch Recipe, Sunday Brunch, Torta Rustica, Ham Recipe

Layers upon layers of delicious Ham, Egg, Spinach, Peppers & Cheese baked inside a flaky pastry. An absolute must for Sunday brunch.

Grimm's Moroccan Salad, Ham Salad, Left over recipes, Ham recipe

This salad is bursting with fragrant spices and a sweet and citrusy finish, great for lunch, a light dinner or delicious inside of a wrap.  

Taco Night, Gluten Free, Corn Tortillas, Mexican Entree, Gluten Free Tacos

These incredible taco night entrees were created by Calgary's own Chanelle Saks  of ChezChanelle

Polenta, Capicolli, Roasted Cauliflower, Vancouver Chef

Another gorgeous dish by Executive Chef Josh Gale (@thechefoutwest).
This eye-catching polenta recipe features Grimm's Capicolli, roasted purple and green cauliflower, pistachio pesto, and herbs. 

Grimm's, Sliced Meats, Deli Meats, Sandwiches, Pretzel Bun

This delicious and tangy sandwich has ham, cheese, mustard & pickles on top of a pretzel bun for added German flair.
Created for Grimm's in the Foodess Kitchen. 

Hot Capicolli Primavera Pasta, Vancouver Cuisine, Vancouver Chef

This beautiful pasta dish was created by Vancouver’s own Executive Chef Josh Gale.