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Holiday Stuffing with Country Classic Sausage

For our third and final holiday post, we created a recipe for the main course that introduces a healthier twist to the classic holiday stuffing. This stuffing recipe made with wild rice and sausage will easily steal the show during the main course!

Everyone loves homemade stuffing. This recipe is a simple one-pot dish that is entirely gluten-free! (Yes! gluten-free stuffing)
Our Holiday Stuffing with Country Classic Sausage plates beautifully with a rustic feel and all the warmth we love of holiday menu items. 

We tossed the traditional bread and used wild and brown rice as our base; it was an unconventional turn that left us wondering why we hadn’t tried using it in a stuffing recipe before. The different textures balanced perfectly with our Country Classic Sausage that’s made with a blend of pork and subtly spiced. 

Some of the prep work can be done in advance; cutting all vegetables and sausages the night before allows the recipe to be seamlessly put together on the day of the final meal.

You will need a cast iron pan or a large pot. This recipe is made using only one pot; it’s just a matter of adding the ingredients in stages.

Start by pan frying sausages in a cast-iron pan or a large pot. Place them aside once browned. In the same pan sauté butter, olive oil, garlic and onions over medium high heat. 

When onions are translucent, stir in mushrooms and wild rice. Add 8 cups of chicken stock (make sure to use gluten-free broth to ensure the dish is entirely gluten-free and safe for family members or guests with allergies) and once it reaches a boil, cover the pot and reduce heat to simmer. 

After simmering for 30 minutes add celery, carrots, brown rice, and sausages bringing to a boil. Cover and cook for 20 minutes, reducing heat to medium low and adding as much water as needed.

Stir in yam, sweet potatoes and black currants to cook for a final 15 minutes or until rice is tender. 

Serve on a platter with toasted pecans and parsley to garnish. The stuffing reheats beautifully the next day to be enjoyed with left overs.  

Make this at home over the Holidays and let us know what you think! We guarantee it’ll be a hit with your guests and quickly work itself into your traditional holiday menu for years to come.

For the full recipe and list of ingredients see the recipe page.

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