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Animal Welfare Statement

statement Why animal welfare is important to us

Grimm’s Fine Foods has been a trusted family brand since 1951. Our delicious meat products are made using only the finest ingredients. Balancing food processing with the well-being of the consumer has always been a priority, but there is growing demand and need to balance food production with animal well-being. Although Grimm’s is not directly involved in the raising, handling, transporting, or processing of farm animals, we have a social and ethical responsibility to only work with suppliers who share our standards of treating animals with care, understanding, and respect.

We have built our trusted reputation on listening to our customers and evolving with their changing tastes, interests, and values. That is why, starting in 2018, Grimm’s initiated an animal welfare plan for our pork and beef supply chain. More than just a reaction to consumer demands, we recognize we have the buying power to truly drive change for the greater good. As a major purchaser, Grimm’s will hold our suppliers accountable to higher standards of animal care. Through research and due diligence, our goal over the next 5 years is to migrate all the farms that supply our animal protein to practices that meet and/or exceed industry regulations for animal welfare. Our hands-on approach will include annual monitoring and reporting and participation in advisory councils. We will work collaboratively with industry colleagues, governments, suppliers, animal scientists, and other animal welfare experts to continually assess and improve policies and practices.

At Grimm’s, we strive to deliver products we can all feel good about. Our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and food safety standards has been the key to our success for the past 70 years. Our animal welfare policy will build upon that success, demonstrating integrity, authenticity, and transparency in everything we produce.