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Healthy Family Expo 2018

What a weekend! We were lucky to attend another year of Healthy Family Expo this past weekend. Our team at the Grimm’s Fine Foods booth gave out samples of our Naturally Fermented Foods and our notorious #GrimmsShot to only the most adventurous!

During our time at the expo, there were some questions for the samples of our Original Pickles that had a number of reappearances: 

  • How are the Pickles healthy?

Not all Pickles are created equally! Fermentation is a natural process to pickling that is time-honoured and results in a raw product with living bacterial culture. The pickles we commonly find at grocery stores are not fermented. These commercial varieties of pickles are heat-treated in vinegar and this pasteurization process kills all beneficial culture and nutrients. 

  • What is the #GrimmsShot? 

The liquid brine that our Pickles are immersed in is chock full of the beneficial bacterial culture that results from natural fermentation. This pickle juice is a rich source of probiotics that support gut health, immunity, and aids in detoxification.

  • What are the flavours in your Pickles? 

Our Pickles come in either Original or Spicy. They feature predominant flavours coming from a savoury blend of garlic, onion, dill seed, and bay leaf. Traces of mustard seed, coriander, and various peppercorn also enhance the wonderfully complex flavour that only foods that have been fermented carry. This results in a refreshing taste that many find addictive. 

  • Is it entirely vegan/vegetarian?

All products in our Naturally Fermented line are vegan and vegetarian. These foods are also Kosher certified, gluten-free, and no preservatives (such as vinegar) go into them. 

  • Where can I get them? 

Our Naturally Fermented Foods can be found at Whole Foods and other fine retailers in our Where to Buy page. You can always request our products at a local deli or grocer conveniently located by you. Always feel free to contact us if you’re going through difficulty in finding any Grimm’s Fine Foods product. 

Did you get to meet us at Healthy Family Expo this past weekend? Tell us what you thought of our Naturally Fermented Foods in the comments below, and view the full product line for inspiration on using our Kimchi, Sauerkrat, or Pickles in delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy. 

Check back over the weekend for Healthy Family Expo photos that will be posted on our Community Events page.