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Oliver, BC

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This summer has been an extremely dry one throughout Western Canada and the US, which has lead a large amount of forest fires burning across the territory. Heavy smoke has lingered in the air for much of the summer and many people have been evacuated from their homes. This past weekend we teamed up with Buy Low Foods in Oliver, BC to host a BBQ to raise funds for those who have been displaced due to these wildfires. We were happy to be able to donate Grimm's Sizzlin' Smokies for the event, which was a great success. With the help of Buy Low Foods we were also able to provide the brave men and women fighting fires near by with Grimm's Beef Jerky. The photo above  was taken when the firefighters returned from a long day of fighting fires in the hills. 

We have nothing but respect, love and support for these brave firefighters. We are honoured that Buy Low Foods thought of Grimm's to help out in the event.