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Rockin’ Around the Charcu-Tree

Preparation Time
30 minutes
Cooking Time
Product(s) used

The Holiday Season is here! We partnered up with MasterChef Canada’s Chanelle Saks (@chezchanelle) to bring you this year’s showstopper. What better way to celebrate with your friends, family, or other loved ones than to show off with this festive Charcu-Tree! Need to impress your significant other’s parents? Or maybe your sister is the reigning charcuterie champion and you need to show her up. Whatever the situation, this Charcu-Tree is sure to be a crowd pleaser!



  1. Start by cutting out the Grimm’s deli meats and cheese using cookie cutters. Slice the sausage rings and set aside.
  2. Place the rosemary on each level of the tree board.
  3. From the base up, start by placing the sliced sausage ring, alternating flavours between the Kolbassa and Fine Garlic.
  4. Next add the cheese cubes followed by the Honey Garlic Pepperoni Bites.
  5. Add the grapes, alternating between red and green.
  6. Fold the Pizza Pack deli meats into a rose shape and use rosemary to secure the shape.
  7. Add the mini mozzarella balls, Lean Turkey Pepperoni Bites, grapes, and sausage, alternating flavours again.
  8. Finish the tree with cashews at the top and arrange the cut out deli meats and cheese like ornaments.
  9. Use one Original Pepperoni cut in half as the tree base.
  10. Enjoy!